Welcome to Steak House Derya, your steak house Vienna!

Just a few minutes away from the Reumannplatz subway station, you will find the Steak house Derya, your steakhouse Vienna!

Since 1988 at the site, we have put our restaurant under the sign of a good steak. Beef from our own breeding, or from South America is available for selection.

Dry aged Steak

We serve you dry aged steak. Through the weeks of depending on the meat it ripens gently and becomes tender, while the taste becomes more intense. A traditional method of maturation that causes high effort. The beef loses a lot of water during maturation. In addition to this weight loss you also lose meat on the edges.

The result, however, convinces every steak lover. Dry aged steak is delicate and intense in taste and easily recognizable by the pale color. Instead of being vacuumed in a plastic bag, our beef hangs in our ripening chambers and develops its unique taste for your visit with us. Our steak is a delight for the palate, which is cooked on our grill for you to the point.

The Grill

The heart of our kitchen undoubtedly forms our grill. Here the meat is freshly prepared for you, according to your wishes. A cooking in which the tender meat taste mixes with a variety of roasting aromas and makes the steak even more a taste experience. Dry aged grill steaks that are unparalleled.


As Steak House Vienna enjoys the steak at

High importance to us. However, our map also includes numerous alternatives. In addition to the classic beef, our steak House also offers lamb meat, chicken meat and mixed grilled dishes. Beside the meat we also offer you fish on our menu. Minced cheese and our XL burger round off the offer in our steak house. We have something for every taste.

The guest’s focus

Our team strives to provide you with excellent food and a perfect steak also a nice time in our steak house. You will be attentively cared for as long as you are a guest. Of course we are also very happy when you visit us with children. Our little guests are welcome!

Steak House Vienna

Whether you want to spend a nice evening with your partner, a family celebration or a special evening for a business partner, Steak House Derya is your steakhouse in Vienna and the first stop for an evening full of Culinary highlights. We offer you a unique atmosphere in which you and your guests will feel comfortable.

Vienna is worth a visit

As a guest in Vienna you should not miss the steak house Derya. Plan your holiday in Vienna and experience an unforgettable evening. Sightseeing costs energy and a day of sightseeing to end with us, can make a beautiful, perfect day in Vienna. Treat yourself to a dry aged steak from our grill and experience Vienna from one of its most beautiful sites.


The Steak house Derya is unique. And there is not in any big city and we are not a branch of a steakhouse chain. We love our job and remain loyal to our mission. A unique ambiance in our restaurant and a concept that will convince you as well.

Visit us at Steak House Derya, Columbusgasse 72, 1100 Vienna.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Virtual tour

Visit our local location from your PC or Smartphone. But we cannot replace the taste of our steaks yet.