The Grill

Only the best is good enough for our guests. In addition to the careful selection of the best raw materials and the most gentle preparation of our meat, until it is processed as dry aged beef in our restaurant, your steak will also experience the ideal preparation before we have the pleasure to serve you.

The best meat

Carefully selected and slowly ripened in our refrigerated showcases, our dry aged beef develops a unique aroma. A taste that develops slowly due to the loss of moisture during this maturation. Pure meat pleasure that we offer you in our restaurant.

The best preparation

But what would be the most perfect steak that has ripened for months to a concentrated meat taste, without the right preparation?

In the Steak House Damian We grill your steak. Whether you opt for an Austrian piece of meat from your own breeding, or for a South American steak, the preparation gives the delicate meat the finishing touches. Fine roasting aromas draw in the structure and ensure a refined taste.


If grilling is already a win for the steak, which provides an impressive result, the grilling over charcoal is the high school. In the middle of our restaurant stands our open charcoal grill. Over the hot coal we prepare your steak and cook it for you to the point.

The heat of the fire closes the pores of the steak and prevents it from loosing liquid during grilling. The high temperature gart the meat quickly and provides a crust, as steak lovers expect. The unique pattern on our meat ensures the perfect preparation.

High Art

Grilling a steak is not an easy thing. Thanks to our long tradition and the great experience of our chefs, we can guarantee a quality that will convince you too. Delicate steaks, a taste of roasted aromas and the convincing taste of our steaks, and the preparation by experienced staff, makes our steaks a delight to the palate.

Great Overall Package

Also breads and the fresh vegetables that we AL

s side dish, we prepare on our charcoal grill. A central element of our kitchen and a good reason to enjoy your next steak in Vienna at your steak house Damian.

Instead of preparing the steak behind the scenes, we offer you the opportunity to watch your piece of meat grilled. An impressive process and another aspect that speaks in favour of the steak house Damian soon to pay a visit.

Grilled Steaks

We offer you dry aged beef prepared for you on our charcoal grill. An overall package that convinces and makes a visit to us something very special. Impress your guests, show what Vienna has to offer and pamper yourself and your family in our restaurant.

We are looking forward to meet you!