Our meat

The quality of our meat is our heart!

For the maturation of our steaks we choose the most gentle method and allow the meat to ripen at a constant temperature and humidity. Unique dry-aged beef is the result we serve you in our restaurant.

Best raw Material

Perfection experience our steaks by carefully selecting the raw material. Meat. Steak House Damian goes a decisive step further than others and breeds the cattle themselves. In addition to South American cattle, which is one of the best in the world, we achieve the high quality that we expect from our steaks, including Austrian beef. Beef of the first choice, which we produce ourselves and of whose quality we are fully convinced. Otherwise, the meat would not make its way into our refrigerated cabinets.

Dry aged Beef

Depending on the meat is the most gentle method of letting a steak ripen for consumption. During maturation, the meat loses its liquid and weight and develops the unique aroma that steak lovers worldwide cherish and love.

Steak Food in Vienna

We offer you only the best quality in our steak house Damian. Beef from our own production, which we process completely and lovingly prepare. Excellent steaks are our passion and the gentle maturation and professional handling of the meat enhances the typical steak taste. Much effort and love flow into the preparation of the flesh. Time and effort we like to buy and invest to give you the experience you expect. A visit to your steakhouse in Vienna, the steak house Damian, is to be remembered for a long time. The perfect steak enjoyment with the perfect steak.


Complete traceability

Our own meat production gives us the possibility to trace the steak that we can serve you seamlessly. We know exactly the origin and the history of our animals and can guarantee proper and gentle treatment from birth to consumption.


Steak House Damian offers you an incomparable meat quality. Our strategy of meat production and processing is an obligation for us. If you have high expectations when you visit us, we promise that we will meet you. A visit to the Steak house Damian, your steakhouse Vienna is an experience you should enjoy. In addition to the excellent food, our staff also strives to offer you a nice and relaxed time with us.

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